We at Duoo are super excited to announce that we are officially leaving our closed alpha phase and moving on to our public beta which comes with a lot of improvements and new features!

It has been a few months since we opened our closed alpha, the purpose of the closed alpha was just to test the core functionality of our product to make sure it works at a very small scale, and thanks to that we have successfully prepared Duoo for a large scale push.

The most exciting feature to us as founders in the upcoming launch is that our discord bot now has multi-server support, which means that Duoo's full functionality can now be implemented into any and all discord servers in the world, and we are really looking forward to helping both small and big Discord communities find better duo partners for League of Legends, if they exist that is. jk

With this we are happy to officially say that Duoo (Beta Version) has launched and we can start working on our many secret sauce projects behind the scenes, we will work very actively with pushing new features that are long overdue!

What discord users see's when a post has been made!

What August has to bring for Duoo

As previously mentioned we have some fun projects we are working on behind the scenes that we would like to talk very shortly about here just to give you a glimpse into the future.

Our Discord Bot (Miko)

With this public launch, Miko is also officially launched, and we will be working hard on getting it implemented into as many LoL-related discords as possible. We are also prepared to make major improvements to the bot with the upcoming feedback. Some improvements we are looking at doing very shortly are:

  1. Match history showing on posts made in discord
  2. Fetching profiles by handles instead of discord IDs
  3. Queue System / Realtime Matchmaking

Secret Sauce Growth Hacking

We have a big ego when it comes to growth hacking as it is something we have successfully done many times in the past, and Duoo is no different. We have a very secret feature coming to Duoo that we believe is an AMAZING growth hacking strategy. We hope to launch it sometime in August, more on that in future posts.


On the 23rd of August we will be heading to Cologne to attend Gamescom, here we will be networking for 3 days and getting our name out there, we are also meeting our Head of Partnerships Laris for the first time IRL, we have worked together with Laris for the past year in other projects and we believe he is a great addition to our founding team here at Duoo, we hope that he is as nice in person as in discord.

Post-MVP Duoo Progress


Duoo in its current state is a very functional and good looking MVP, while it is completely fine for now, behind the scenes we are working on a Post-MVP version which will be a completely new frontend designed and developed by some very talented people, we hope to launch the new frontend sometime later this year or in beginning of 2024.

That's it for this post, we're super excited to finally get moving with this project and the next few months is going to be very exciting, I will start a tradition where we at the end of each update include the current user count, while user count isn't one of our KPIs, I think it's a great stat to include for fun to see the progress of users who created a profile on Duoo.

Thanks for reading!


Duoo's User Count When Posted 🚀

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