It feels like just yesterday we were unveiling our ambitious project to the world, but it's already been a whirlwind of a month since we launched our public beta.

Today, we're ecstatic to pull back the curtain and share some of the magic that's been unfolding behind the scenes.

Let's dive right into the action! Here's a recap of our first month and a glimpse of the thrilling developments on the horizon.

The Website

When we launched on the 26th of July, our main growth strategy was to promote our Discord bot across various servers. This approach was highly successful. However, we quickly realized that the website didn't offer much functionality beyond updating user profiles.

This situation made our product heavily dependent on Discord. While this isn't inherently negative, we wanted to avoid limiting ourselves in a manner similar to some of our competitors. Therefore, expanding the website's features was our primary focus this month!

Post System

Our "Post Board"

Shortly after launching our website, we introduced the Post System. This feature helps users find active participants on the site. Instead of guessing who is active, you can easily see who has recently posted that they are looking for a Duo, along with their other details.

Our free-text search (Powered by Algolia ❤️)

Another feature we quickly released was our free-text search. Essentially, you can type in any query, and we will display profiles relevant to your search.

This feature is powered by Algolia, ensuring swift results.

We are thrilled to announce that we have been accepted into their Startup Program, which means we can maintain this excellent search functionality without emptying our bank account!

Summoner Profiles

Summoner Profiles

Another addition we introduced is the Summoner Profiles feature, primarily a social experiment we decided to undertake.

Currently, individuals predominantly use sites like deeplol,, and to gather information about Summoners who play LoL. However, we believe these platforms lack many social aspects, an issue we are aiming to address with this new feature!


In the middle of August, we experienced a sudden influx of Brazilian players. This was because Miko (our Discord bot) was added to one of the larger Brazilian Discord servers for League of Legends.

We quickly realized that translating the site could not only enhance their experience but also help us attract more users from countries where English may not be the preferred language.

Consequently, we began working on site translations. Currently, the site has been fully translated into the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Dutch

None of these languages have been launched live yet, but they will be rolling out shortly.

The Bot (Miko)

Our Discord bot has enjoyed considerable success and has proven to be a potent growth strategy.

As of now, our Discord bot has been installed on over 300 servers, reaching an audience of over 270,000 Discord users—a number that continues to grow daily!

Miko has also found a place in the communities of several prominent content creators. Here are a few notable mentions:

We are thrilled to assist these communities in connecting and playing together in unprecedented ways!


On the business front, my co-founder Jonathan has been diligently engaging with various investors and initiating dialogues with potential partners.

In my last post, I mentioned that we were planning to attend Gamescom in Germany to network and connect with individuals in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, I fell ill at the last minute. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it allowed Jonathan to channel his inner salesman and network fervently.

The seeds have been sown; stay tuned to watch them flourish!


Duoo has been experiencing steady growth since our public launch. In a short time, we swiftly escalated from approximately 600 users to over 4200, a trend that indicates we are on the right track. Remarkably, most of our recent growth has been fully organic!

We believe that some of the updates we are currently developing will significantly boost our growth. We are very excited for what September holds!

What's next?

We believe our bot is in a solid state; although it may require some polishing, it is functioning excellently and performing its intended tasks successfully.

However, the site still has considerable room for optimization and enhancement, which we plan to focus on this month. Here are some of the developments we are anticipating for September:

  1. Optimizing to improve conversion rates
  2. Launching our language translations
  3. Implement our Profile 2.0, with the goal of making user profiles more useful (hopefully one or two users will share it after this!)
  4. Miko UX/UI upgrade
  5. Implementing gamification features
  6. Gathering more user feedback
  7. Preparing to introduce more games

Thank you for stopping by. See you soon!


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